Smelly Elle Soy candles are hand poured and created by an individual with autism start to finish.

Austin was diagnosed with autism at 30 months. He has always struggled to fit into a world that doesn’t quite make sense to him. He struggled to talk, and didn’t until he was nearly six. He spent hours crying and kicking the walls. We were blessed that through picture communication and music he did find his voice. Austin spent 14 years in Special Education classes, but due to several factors; including behavior difficulties he had not gained any real employment skills. There has never been any doubt in our minds that he had skills. He loves responsibility and being independent, but up until now we were at a loss as to what he would truly enjoy doing. We happened upon making candles as a way to be creative at home. He had learned to cook on the stove several years ago, so having him help that day was natural. What was surprising was how much he enjoyed doing it and how little help he needed. Making candles has not only given Austin a sense of pride, but he continues to learn new skills with his business. He is involved with all aspects of producing and selling the candles; he hot glues the wicks in the jars, measures and melts the soy wax, chooses Which fragrance (given choices), measures and adds the fragrance, and pours the hot wax. Once cooled, he helps cut the labels and tags and adds them to the jars. While I take the orders, he adds up all of the invoices. The Smelly Elle name came from his lifelong love of elephants, and the elephant on the logo is the one he chose. Made with Love .......and Grumbling